what is Dealdash  how does it work?

dealdash is a auction company founded by William Wolfram in the year 2009

DealDash works as follows, customers enter a bidding process where they pay for each bid on an item, regardless of whether they succeed or not. Each bid marginally increases the price of the item until the end of the auction, at which point the item is sold to the final bidder. DealDash differs from predecessors mainly in that losing bidders are given an option to apply money they had spent unsuccessfully bidding on an item towards purchasing the item at a posted retail price

DealDash, like other auction sites, has been described as a gamified approach to e-commerce. To participate, registered bidders first buy “bids” priced at $0.60 each, that they may spend bidding on auctions. Standard auctions begin with an opening price of $0.00, with every bid placed increasing the price by $0.01 and removing one paid “bid credit” from the user’s balance. Bidders may choose to place single bids, by manually clicking the bid button, or through an automatic bidding tool called the “BidBuddy”. An auction clock restarts from a maximum of 10–30 seconds, depending on the auction, every time a bid is placed. If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the last and highest bidder is declared the winner of the auction.

is dealdash a scam?

Millions of people looking for bargain prices on a wide assortment of products — home appliances, jewelry, luggage, art, even drones — find their way onto DealDash.com, which markets itself as “the fair and honest bidding site.”

But DealDash’s auctions function very differently from eBay or any other auction you might have seen in the movies.

unlike in movies here in deal dash you everyone has to pay for the offer ending up paying the more money than the actual product has got on its own and this has to be termed as a gambling I guess 

The savings advertised on TV, in online ads and social media posts seems incredible — “up to 90 percent or more” on high-quality electronics and other consumer goods. One TV ad shows three brand name items that sold for a fraction of their retail price: an iPad for just $5.39, a MacBook for only $10.12 and a Canon EOS camera for just $20.51

But in order to make any bids, customers must buy from the site “bid packs” — bundles of several hundred to several thousand bids sold for 13 cents apiece.

let me explain you an example:

Every auction starts at $0. Let’s say you pay make the first bid on a digital camera with the retail price of $100. That moves the final auction price up one cent.

Then you walk away from your computer and come back and other people have up bid the price to $20, representing 2,000 separate bids.

You make another bid and the price moves up to $20.01. No one else places another bid before the auction ends and you win.

The final cost to you is $20.26, the final item price plus the cost of the two bids you placed at 13 cents apiece.

All the other customers, at a few cents or dollars at a time, then will have collectively paid $260 in bidding fees to DealDash and gotten nothing in return except for the thrill of the chase. They can also press a button to have their bids refunded and buy the item at full retail price.

TINA.org says very few bidders actually get a deal on DealDash. And it claims the company’s ads are misleading because they don’t show the actual out-of-pocket cost winners paid to buy the merchandise.

A customer can even pay more than the item is worth. TINA noted the case of $100 gift card that sold for over $115. DealDash could have grossed $1,497.47 for the $100 gift card while the non-winning bidders who didn’t opt to then buy it at full retail price lost the money they spent playing

  • dealdash reviews are as follows:
  • Sharrie Singmaster
    recommends DealDash.
  • It’s fun and easy to bid and win.
  • Kimberly Styk McCraticrecommends DealDash.

    DealDash is a great site to win items at unbelievable prices. There support staff is awesome and shipping is always free. I have been with DealDash since 2012 and have won so many incredible items. I have even used DealDash for all my xmas shopping and saved hundreds of dollars. It’s fun and exciting!!!!

  • Marie MacDonald

    Been bidding since 2012, definitely my favorite bidding web site. Honest bidding!!!

  • Elysha Maray

    Deal Dash’s customer service was available at 2:30am and was very cooperative. They were extremely pleasant and recitified my issue immediately without any questions asked. I look forward to bidding with them in the future!

  • James H. Hill

    I’ve been using DealDash since 2011 and I must say that they are one of the best penny auction sites in which you can actually get some good deals and have some fun doing it. Their customer service department is by far one the best I’ve ever dealt with in any industry. Give them a try and see for yourself.

  • carlie cartonh: I had a request to change my address and the response time was incredible and the customer service was very helpful and fixed my issue. Also it’s fun to bid on all these awesome items.
  • James Zeruk: They start off with a lie. They say each bid costs just 13 cents, but their instructional video says the bids are 60 cents each. No way to confirm the truth with these people. Smells like a scam all the way
  • james jerk: They start off with a lie. They say each bid costs just 13 cents, but their instructional video says the bids are 60 cents each. No way to confirm the truth with these people. Smells like a scam all the way.
  • annette strang: Fast customer service, very helpful
  • eleen: Speaking to Ivan in customer service via Facebook chat was very pleasant and the service was excellent!! He resolved my issue in about a minute. Thank you Ivan for your help!!
  • George Kelly:
    The customer service team at Deal Dash is quick to reply to the help link in their app. Early one morning I was bidding on their app using my cell phone. To my surprise I accidentally hit the screen with my big fingers a couple of times and made a “Buy It Now “ purchase for some Mens cologne @ a Retail price of $225. I panicked because I didn’t have the extra money to make that purchase. All the money I had in the bank was for bills. So I clicked on the Help Link to get some assistance. Within minutes they had canceled my accidental purchase and put in a refund request. I was so relieved. THE SERVICE IS IMPECCABLE. I’m so happy with the outcome and swift action to resolve my mistake. Thanks so much!!!!
  • Ray Morin: received a deflective part and they responded with a new one
  • Karen Taverner Masucci:

    Deal Dash is a lot of fun. It can be time-consuming to watch an auction, but if you strategize, you can win awesome prizes for a reasonable price.

  • Amy Richardson McBride: I love Deal Dash and bid every day! I have won amazing products, such as a highchair, trampoline, and gift cards galore, most for under $10. Imagine winning a free trampoline for your grandchildren?!? My only caution to people would be that they must have strong self control when it comes to bidding as the excitement is akin to gambling and could cause issues for people who buy bids for more than they are winning. Careful review of products and a mindfulness of the cost of bids is essential. All in all, however, I highly recommend Deal Dash and will continue to “play” everyday.
  • Linsey Anderson: Great customer service but I am up against people who seem to have unlimited bids. I guess I threw away over 100 bucks for nothing 😕
  • Candy Zavala:
    I requested a refund and it was very easy and my money was reversed immediately. Very easy and great customer service.
  • Tim Walker:
    I reached out for assistance this evening and was quickly engaged by Ivan. Wow, he was fantastic with his help and quick responses. I hope I get Ivan again the next time I have a question/inquiry!!! Excellent customer service!
  • Jessica Carpenter:
    Excellent site! Great items! Well worth the time and money! They have items to fit anyone’s needs! I love Deal Dash! A+ customer service also! I may take a few weeks off from the site (it gets addicting) but I ALWAYS come back…I love it that much! 😃😃
  • Desirae George:
    I received excellent customer service when I had to reach out for assistance!
  • Tina Marino Rossetti: Deal Dash is a great bidding site. I’ve been on it for years. Everything is brand new and the cost of the items they say it’s worth is also true. I’ve looked up almost everything to make sure. They are great to deal with if by any chance something doesn’t get to you in perfect condition. It’s easier then shopping in stores. Love it. I would recommend it to anybody
  • I have to say dealdash has one of the best, most friendly customer service teams around! It is always a pleasure working with you guys!
  • Great feedback if something goes wrong they work hard fast nice sight
  • Very good customer service I made a mistake and I was refunded my money
  • I think this is a great and fun way to win items at a lower price than you normally would have to pay for. I just wished there was a way to get more free bids. But overall i have fun and would love to win more.
  • Thanks Good items and good pricing – happy with Deal Dash
  • Do you understand that they make like $1000 selling 1 ps4…. you buy bids, well if 1000 people bid 1 bid which costs a dollar, but shows up as bidding just a penny……. an someone thinks they bought a ps4 for $17 or whatever.. it’s a scam & people fall right in the trap lmao… its highly unlikely you get the last bid when theres so many people bidding at the final seconds…. it’s like playing the lottery the odds are very against you!
  • I used to be more impressed with DealDash. But with the recent drop in daily bids with no other good deals make returning difficult. I could actually do something with 30 a day, but 15 isn’t as worth it. They could habe even given bigger drops after a week of returning, but nothing. There’s no incentive anymore. If they fix the returning bid award, I’d promote them again.
  • Wonderful customer service. I haven’t won anything yet, but still trying.
  • Deal Dash is a lot of fun. I’ve won a few things and the quality was much higher than my expectations. One item arrived damaged, but @Zarah of the DD staff instantly made good on it! I am so impressed by the whole experience! Can’t say enough good stuff.
  • I wanted to cancel my membership and I was helped right away. I was informed that I would receive my refund in 3 to 5 days. Thanks, great customer service.
  • Customer service is excellent. Didn’t like the Lock Out on Auctions. So decided not to use this auction site.
  • Beware this company is a scam! They are in the Netherlands or some other country I can’t remember at the moment. It’s ran buy a bunch of kids scamming mainly senior citizens in the USA…. Additionally they use fake “luxury” Brands no one has ever heard of that are actually private label made for them in China for pennies on the dollar… There’s at least one lawsuit in California against them that I’m aware of..
  • Excellent customer service with quick response! I really had no use for deal dash after I signed up so I wanted to close my account. Anna helped me out in seconds of contacting deal dash on Facebook. The one thing that will bring me back to deal dash apart from money is the customer service!
  • So I guess accidentally purchased some bids for $72.00!!!!! Well I found/saw that purchase and freaked out well I easily got in contact with DealDash staff and a gentleman named Michael he explained how it happened and how to avoid it happening again in the future. Long story short, he was a very nice, helpful, great employee who was wonderful at his job calming me down, explaining what happened and gave me a TOTAL REFUND…. The best part is that he allowed me to keep my purchase and I still received my refund.To recap I accidentally made a 72 dollar charge, I was immediately taken care of, received a free total refund on the charge but still kept the purchase and during all of the convo i received only the best and up most respect!!! Thanks again Michael for being very understanding and treating the situation very professionally and all the nice thoughtful comments you said as well!!! 👏👏👏
  • Love the site, was able to get quite a few gifts for family and friends. Would recommend Deal Dash to everyone.
  • Made a mistake and purchased a bid pack. I messaged Dealdash and they helped me right away. No questions asked! I should receive a refund in 3-5 days. Perhaps someday i will come back and purchase a bid pack on purpose and have some fun!
  • Excellent customer service. Excellent deals. Immediate responses to questions!!!
  • customer service is the best. quick and always helpful. friendly and patient.
  • I thought Deal Dash was a scam for the longest time because of the bad reviews boy was i way off. Wish i would of found DD years ago could of saved me some cash on some nice stuff. If you bid smart and do not go crazy and get greedy like 99% of bad reviewers do you will win some very nice stuff. I would say i have invested around $200 and have won over $3000 in items just to name a few Thaynards – AeroRest Plush-Top Raised Airbed – Queen Size retail for $340 i won it for $8 Schultz – Q-Tech Bluetooth Headphones retail $510 won it for 17.88. So what I am trying to say is give it a try and if you need any tips ill be glad to help.
  • I missed the directions and made a mistake and they went above and beyond to fix it quickly. Thank you so much!
  • Fast response and great help! Was able to help me and very informative.
  • I haven’t been on Deal Dash for a while, received a flyer for $25 in free bids, interested to try again. Bidding is a lot of fun, but I don’t win that often. I wish they had more smaller items to make it easier to win. Great site, lots of fun!
  • Service was quick and easy when I mistakenly ordered bids. Got my money back immediately with no hassle. Crisis averted!
  • This is a fun place to bid on GREAT items at GREAT prices!! I have won several items at unbelievable prices!! BUT remember it is a addictive and a type of gambling… so just pay attention and don’t overspend yourself… and have FUN!!
  • been a member since 2012 and I am very happy with deal dash.no problem they cant handle. And thanks for the 500 bids for the best Idea of the month.
  • Awesome customer service!! Very fast and helpful!!
  • I think the People running this site are Fantastic especially Ivan, A little girl accidentally ordered lots of bids using my PayPal, and he was extremely helpful and curtious in helping me fix my problem. Thanks Again..
  • i loved the bidding it takes time but its worth the time i won plenty of items JL
  • Always have so much fun bidding and especially winning. Every product I have received is great quality!!
  • My son purchased a bid pack without my permission. A man named Michael was so nice and helped me to get a refund and a few credits for my trouble…🙂 now I can try the site out. Thanks Deal Dasha. Best customer service I have ever seen. No waiting no argument just help and a great guy on the other end.
  • when I signed up and added my credit card, I didn’t realize that I was going to be also purchasing bids, which did happen but I wasn’t ready to purchase anything I contacted customer service thru Facebook messenger and asked for a refund, which I received immediately the service was fast easy and overall satisfying
  • I would not recommend them for anything they owe me 141 dollars and will not get back in touch with me. DON’T DO THIS. THEY DRAW MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT
  • Deal Dash’s customer service was available at 2:30am and was very cooperative. They were extremely pleasant and recitified my issue immediately without any questions asked. I look forward to bidding with them in the future!
  • They suck you in by letting you win a few gift cards on your first bids, then after that you have to spend a ton of time watching bids and a lot of money buying bids. Products are horrible. I bid and won two different bed sheet sets. They said they were worth over $100 dollars. Who are they kidding? When I got the sheets they were made out of thin, and I mean thin material. I used one set once, washed them and when I was putting them back on the bed, they just tore apart at the seems. I also won a large name brand flashlight. From the very beginning it never worked. I would turn it on and it either would come on then go out, or just not come on. I stopped playing because I didn’t have the time to sit all day and watch bidders. Using their bid buddy is a joke. It just bids and bids until you lose all your money. People who really play sit back and watch the bid buddy use up others bids, then start playing after people lose all their bid money. I stopped playing. 4/16/18 Update to my review. I was VERY shocked when I received an email from Deal Dash. They offered to replace my flashlight that never worked after I won it on an auction. I forgot about the email, and today the new flashlight showed up. I am very surprised they actually followed up on my review and sent me a new light. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes. The customer service does care about its customers and I am very happy they replaced the item. I upgraded their rating for the service they provided. Thank you Deal Dash!
  • Been bidding since 2012, definitely my favorite bidding web site. Honest bidding!!!
  • I believe this is a scam. I have seen the same people bid ALL day long. How can people afford that? There is no way they are real people. I was bidding against someone was down to us 2, someone else jumped on and the other person never bid again but the new “person” bid me up over 300 bids. I don’t buy it. It’s definitely set up.
  • Biggest scam I’ve ever seen.
  • Great customer support and great deals it looks like.
  • Customer Service support staff was very quick to respond to all of my questions every time !

Disclaimer: we just provide provide you the things you need to understand the dealdash very clearly we have not connection with the dealdash company in person all these reviews are from real persons and we are not promoting the dealdash. I recommend you to think twice on bidding your money to these gambling site

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