what is hulu?

hulu is the subscription video player for americans mainly owned by the walt disney company 

The service was initially established as a joint venture between News Corporation and NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, and later The Walt Disney Company, serving as an aggregation of recent episodes of television series from their respective television networks. In 2010, Hulu launched a subscription service, initially branded as Hulu Plus, which featured full seasons of programs from the companies and other partners, and undelayed access to new episodes. In 2017, the company launched Hulu with Live TV—an over-the-top IPTV service featuring linear television channels. Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) later held a stake in the service. As of the third quarter of 2020, Hulu had 36.6 million subscribers.

the best anime are as follows:

1. Attack on Titan (action-adventure):

Attack on Titan is an action-adventure thriller and one of the most popular anime in North America. It focuses on the last bastion of humanity and its battle against the titans. It plays fast and loose with the lives of many of its characters and the constant battle and suspense makes it a rock-solid watch. Later seasons focus a little more heavily on story rather than action, but the show never seems to lose its touch. It’s a true classic as long as you can stomach it.

2.Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama is a 12-episode anime that was released in 2019, with a second season following the next year. Student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya give the impression that they’re in a perfect relationship.

They are both well-connected students, and though they like each other, both are too prideful to confess their love to the other. The series spans through school as both try to make the other confess their feelings.

3. My Hero Academia (action-adventure)

My Hero Academia is an action-adventure shonen and one of the most popular of the last half a decade. It follows the story of a kid with no powers who is then granted powers by none other than his hero. The show touches on broad themes like good and evil while also playing into the superhero culture that is so big right now. The action sequences are on point and the storytelling is above average. It’s still active so new episodes are still coming out for this one. It definitely goes beyond plus ultra.

4. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia features a world where people have superpowers, or quirks, as they’re labeled. Izuku Midoriya dreams of being a hero despite not having a quirk. He and a friend meet a hero they admire, All Might, who decides to pass on his quirk to Izuku after witnessing his determination.

Izuku thus moves to U.A. High School to begin his journey as a hero. Meanwhile, another group plots how to destroy the heroes, as well as current society.

5. Black Clover (fantasy)

Black Clover is a fantasy-adventure shonen. It’s in the middle of its run currently but still has dozens of episodes available at the time of this writing. The story follows two young men, one with great magic power and one with literally none. They both make it into The Magic Knights in hopes of becoming the Wizard King someday. A lot of people refer to this as Fairy Tail Jr because of its similar setup with magic users and guilds, but honestly they two couldn’t be more different. Hulu has both subbed and dubbed versions, so you can watch whichever one you want.

6. Death Note

Death Note is a 2006 anime, adapted from a 2003 manga of the same name. Centered around a genius teenager named Light Yagami and a notebook that can kill, Death Note has proven surprisingly popular, garnering several adaptations, including one to Netflix in 2017.

Essentially, it is a game of cat and mouse between two geniuses, one of whom is on the side of justice and one of whom is not

7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (fantasy)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most popular fantasy-adventure anime on Hulu (or anywhere). It follows the story of the Elric brothers as they experiment with forbidden magic, uncover sinister plots, and hunt down the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s an older show but holds up well to today’s standards. Hulu has both sub and dub versions, so you can watch it however you want. Hulu doesn’t have the original Fullmetal Alchemist, unfortunately. You can find that one on Netflix in both subs and dubs, though.

8.Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon follows a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino. Leading a group of friends, she searches for the Legendary Silver Crystal and prevents the destruction of the solar system.

To do all this, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, a soldier who protects Earth from the forces of evil by using a magical brooch. Together, she and her comrades fight off villains. There are two anime adaptations of Sailor Moon.

9. Girls und Panzer (slice-of-life and moe)

Girls und Panzer is a cute little show about girls who drive tanks for a school competition. It focuses more on interpersonal relationships than actual story, but that’s kind of a trait of all slice-of-life shows. However, the season does revolve slowly around the girls winning a national competition for their tank fighting skills. The series lasts for 14 episodes so it’s a quick watch. It’s only available with subtitles, though, so do keep in that mind.

10. K-On!! (slice-of-life and moe)

K-On!! is a slice-of-life show about four (eventually, five) girls in a school music club. They play music, eat cake, and develop their interpersonal relationships. K-On is one of the anime responsible for the massive popularity and success of the slice-of-life genre in Japan, so it’s an obvious choice for this list. The animation is also above average, as is the soundtrack. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a must for slice-of-life fans.

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